You’ll need these items before the 1st day of camp!!!

1. Personal 1/2 Gallon Water Jug – We do not provide individual cups at rehearsals but will have large water coolers filled with ice water for every rehearsal. Student must have their own water jug. There are extras in the band room left by students from years past. These are inexpensive (~$10-$15) and are a great investment. We will take them to competitions this year!!!
2. Hats – ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE HATS FOR OUTDOOR REHEARSALS (INCLUDING COLOR GUARD AND FRONT ENSEMBLE). Hats must be worn at all times unless otherwise stated (in the evenings usually). This is to protect your face, lips and head from the sun and overheating (plus we look uniform, which is important in marching band). The one exception section is the guard… they typically do not wear hats when spinning their equipment. Guard members are required to have a hat with them though at all times (you’ll wear them when we learn drill for example). Hats must cover your face (aka have a visor) and should not impede your ability to see.
3. Athletic Shoes – Required for all students. No sandals of any kind are allowed outside. Students must wear shoes around buses and trucks. I will allow students to wear flip flops during some indoor rehearsals but it’s rare. Please no slip-ons, boots or shoes with no support. Flip flops are fine during breaks and food times. Athletic shoes look like these:
4. Exercise/Nutrition – Start using this month to prepare your bodies for camp. Try to get at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity in each day (running, walking, swimming, hiking, sports, etc.). Spend a few minutes each day doing 5-10 pushups, squats and sit ups. We use your entire body in marching band and this will start building strength. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits! Try to limit your intake of soda, sugar and snacks… our bodies are simply not designed to process large amounts of sugar. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! Start taking care of your bodies now… you’ll have a great experience later!
5. Music Binders – I will send out another email with updated links for music and warmup. All winds and percussion students will need a 3-ring binder with page protectors for camp. NO EXCEPTIONS! I do have a limited amount of used binders and protectors… if you need some help obtaining these items, let me know. Please try to have all music printed off and in your binders for the first day of camp. Again, I’ll have copies at school if you do not have access to a printer.

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