Dear Marching Band member and parent,

We are a little over one week away from camp! Can you believe it? Summertime sure flies by when you’re having fun and relaxing away from school! The letter contains valuable information. Please read with your parents and make sure you understand what you need for a successful camp. We have a fantastic season planned and it starts NOW!

Pre-Camp is next week, Tuesday through Thursday (July 31- Aug. 2) from 1-4pm. Pre-camp is a time for us to get reacquainted, teach important fundamentals, and read through show music. If you need a ride, please contact your section leader. Many times students can find rides if they ask around. Pre-Camp is mandatory and for ALL marching band members (including color guard). Attendance will be taken all three days.
It is extremely important that all families regularly READ emails, check the website, and like our Facebook page in order to stay in loop. Those links are listed below:
Our band program utilizes several apps and cloud-based software to help everyone stay in loop with regards to needs and volunteer opportunities. Sign-up Genius is our way of getting folks involved and getting jobs done. Please check the links sent out to you via email regularly. Below is the link to all the things we need to make band camp a success!
Please read over all of this email and double check the band camp letter so everyone is prepared! Let me know if you have any questions!
Yay Band!

Mr. Still
P.S. I am in need of some help during the first week of band (Aug 6-10) with some deconstruction projects in the auditorium. We need to take down old sets and props to make room for new stuff! If you can help me any night, please let me know!

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