Dear marching band members and parents,

This email contains information regarding the East Lincoln competition this Saturday (10/13).
Carolina Classic @ East Lincoln HS – Saturday, October 13, 2018
10:00am – call time/move props & equipment to stadium
10:20am – rehearsal in stadium
12:30pm – rehearsal concludes/eat lunch/load trucks
2:30pm – depart NLHS via activity bus
3:00pm – arrive ELHS/orientation/watch bands in stadium
4:30pm – dress/stretches/prep
5:40pm – warm-up
6:15pm – return to trucks/put equipment away/watch bands in stadium/eat dinner
9:45pm – awards
10:30pm – depart ELHS
11:00pm – arrive NLHS/unload equipment
Things to consider:
1. Students will need to bring a bagged lunch for after rehearsal. There is not enough time to allow students to leave campus and pack the trucks. Students will also need money for dinner in the stadium following our performance. The boosters will have snacks and waters available throughout the day.
2. All members MUST wear your show shirts under the uniforms. Don’t forget black socks for the uniforms 🙂
3. All of our remaining shows will use NC state judging sheets, meaning that they will be timed fully! We need as many parents on deck to help us move in and out of the stadium so we don’t get a timing penalty. Students, we will go over coming on and off the field at rehearsals this week. Please be patient and listen to all adults so we can be successful!
4. Due to pricing and timing following the WCU competition on 10/20, Mr. Stokes and I have decided NOT to pursue an excursion to Biltmore on Sunday. If you sent in money for that excursion as I originally asked, we will contact you with several options (i.e. refund, placed in your band account, etc.), We want to be good stewards of our finances and I have some really cool news I’m going to share in a few days anyway 🙂 Our estimated return time to school on Sunday will be late morning/early afternoon (so homework and family time can be had). More info on WCU soon!
5. We’re off to a great start of the competition portion of the season! Let’s keep pushing forward so we can grow!!!
6. We DO have rehearsal at our normal time on Thursday. If you need a ride to or from rehearsal, please speak with an older student or talk to me. Students who miss rehearsal on Thursday may not be permitted to perform on Saturday.
Let’s have some great rehearsals this week! Please let me know if you have questions!
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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