Operating a top-notch band program requires lots of dedicated supporters! Parents, Grandparents and community members are encouraged to get involved! We have lots of needs from leadership to construction projects to admin support and much more. No job is too small and we encourage folks to use their talents to support our students.

Online Volunteer Signup


Have a talent? Want to find out where you can plug in? Email the follow folks for information.

Bake Sale – Michelle Armstrong (michele_armstrong@outlook.com)
Chaperones – Kelly Farkas (farkie3@charter.net& Sheryl Doppel (sherrynj3@gmail.com)
Concessions – Lisa Johnson (lisajohnsonpsy@gmail.com)
Dewey’s – Tina Vargas (edandtinav@gmail.com& Amy Fesmire (amy.fesmire@gmail.com)
Fleet/Pit/Props – David Wagner (wwclt01@att.net) & Rob Sanetick (rms2417@yahoo.com)
Fundraising – Amy Fesmire (amy.fesmire@gmail.com& David Wagner (wwclt01@att.net)
Hospitality – Nancy DeAngelis (sndeangelis5@gmail.com& Karen Davis (davoka@att.net)
Marketplace – Robert & Bonnie Brown (bbrown@lincoln.k12.nc.us)
Mentor Program – vacant
Publicity – Vicki Messler (V_Messler@msn.com) & Elizabeth Leatherman (eleatherman1@gmail.com)
Roundtable – David Wagner (wwclt01@att.net) & Rob Sanetick (rms2417@yahoo.com), & Lisa Johnson (lisajohnsonpsy@gmail.com)
Script Program – Patty Mugno (pmugno@charter.net)
Speedway Ticketing – Lisa Johnson (lisajohnsonpsy@gmail.com)
Spirit Nights/Harris Teeter – Lee & Amy Peacock (a.peacock22@ymail.com)
Travel – Elizabeth Leatherman (eleatherman1@gmail.com)
Uniforms – Bonnie Martin (ravenschick5212@gmail.com