Dear North Lincoln Band Family,

I just wanted to touch base with everyone with regards to where we are with our Marching Band AND our class bands:  Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band at the time of this letter - Saturday, July 25, 2020.

Marching Band
As many of you may know, the state athletic association is not allowing any athletic events to occur before Sept. 1.  Our athletic director, Mr. Beane, has informed me the earliest a football game may occur would be the end of September, and the current trends paint a more likelihood of a spring football season.  That’s not for sure yet, but I tell you that so that you see the type of information we are working with.  On top of that, several NL students (not in the band) have already tested positive for COVID-19 (not on school grounds).  As stated in my last letter, my top priority is the safety and health of my students and their families.  To that end, and based on all the uncertainties still hanging over us, Mr. Stokes and I have made the difficult decision to suspend band camp for Aug. 3-14.   We floated the idea before our booster board earlier last week and received overwhelming positive feedback from them.  There’s just too much uncertainty and we want to ensure we have a positive experience for our students.   IF we are able to begin our marching band once school begins, I realize that many questions would need to be answered including the following:

1) Can online only students participate?  If so, would our online students want to participate?

2) Can students who are not in school the day of a rehearsal come to after-school marching rehearsals?

3) What type of performances would we be working towards:  Athletic Activities?  Christmas Parades? Community Performances?

I realize that it is tempting to cancel our entire fall season.  Out of respect for our students, staff, and community, I do not want to exercise this option.  If this pandemic has taught us anything, it may be patience.  Perhaps the only performance opportunity that we be able to engage in will be parades; perhaps we will invite our students to do some type of marching activity in the spring.  As this pandemic is unprecedented, so too may be the way our activities are scheduled.  Let’s keep an open mind and a positive attitude!  

Class Bands
I realize the new daily school schedule can be overwhelming and daunting.  I am already planning out a unique, innovative curriculum to address the musical needs of our program and to push students in connecting with their creative minds. As of now, I am told we will be able to allow students to play their instruments.  There is so much to learn in music, and I am confident in providing a great experience!  I am even considering teaching a unit on guitar and piano for interested students!  I want to encourage students to continue with band classes this coming school year. You may find them refreshing and different, and a great way to “take a breather” from all the craziness of our world and develop a passion and appreciation for music!


Stay strong and positive!  Work your mind, body and spirit every day!  I am always here for you!


Yay Band!


Mr. Still

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