Band family,

A link was emailed out containing a link the 2018 woodwind and brass warmup music packets. Please print off these exercises and play through them PRIOR to the first day of pre-camp (July 31). We will work a lot out of these packets through the entire season. It would be preferable if you had the Long Tones and Flexibility exercises memorized prior to full band camp. The more YOU come to camps prepared, the quicker we will move AND the more success we’ll enjoy as we learn and grow together this season!
Percussion and Guard students will need to keep their eyes open for information from their respective caption instructors regarding warmup material and exercises. Section leaders should be in contact with your section mates!
Of course, continue to enjoy your summer break and last minute vacations! I know I am! See you all on July 31!
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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