Hey Student Leaders!
It all starts MONDAY! GET READY and let the games begin!
I will be at school at NOON on Monday, 7/23 if you want to come in early and begin copying music for your section. We’ve got parts of the show ready as well as new pep tunes! There’s new flip folders to organize, lyres to distribute, etc. You’ll need to get all this stuff copied for your section during the week, so if you’ve got time on Monday, come get an early start!
At 3pm we will have our second LEADERSHIP MEETING. It would be good to bring a notebook and perhaps a folder.. In addition to leading and teaching, we’ll be covering the activities that occur in pre-camp and band camp that you lead. We will done by 4pm. REMEMBER THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY as it was on your schedules back out in the spring. Please clear your schedules for this meeting AND check in with each other.
PRE-CAMP is 1-4pm Tuesday-Thursday. YOU will do the majority of teaching during this time so the leadership session prepares you for this experience.
I am so excited to see all of you again and to get a brand new season started! Our goal will be to make this year the BEST YEAR we have ever experienced at North Lincoln!
Yay Band!
Mr. S

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