Weekly After School Rehearsals

Dear marching band students and parents, 

Congratulations on a very successful band camp season these past three weeks!  What a wonderful first performance for our Family and Friends Preview Friday night!  The staff and I are so very proud of all of our members for their hard work and great attitudes!  

This week begins our after school rehearsals 4-7pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please review the following procedures for these rehearsals so everyone can be successful!

1. Rehearsal BEGINS at 4pm sharp (usually in the stretch block!) Guard will stretch in the lobby and then come outside when the instructors arrive.  Front Ensemble will always start in the band room unless otherwise specified.  We will END EXACTLY at 7pm.

2. All students MUST dress out for marching rehearsals... NO JEANS at all!!! This will be monitored and dealt with accordingly.  You can not rehearse properly in non-athletic attire. This includes athletic shoes.

3. Students have from school letting out at 3pm until 3:50pm to visit teachers, attend clubs, do homework or get food off campus.  Please let any teachers or club advisors know that band rehearsal starts at 4pm.  This includes tutorings… this is not saying band is more important; rather you made a commitment.  The success of 73 other people depends on you attending rehearsals.  It’s about being part of the family!

4. School provided snacks will be available until 3:50pm in the band room.  More info on that tomorrow!

5. Marching rehearsals will be held rain or shine!  In case of rain, meet in the band room to get instructions.  

6. Dress accordingly for marching rehearsals.  Check the weather often… bring a jacket if it’s going to rainy or chilly.  Don’t forget sunscreen, water jugs and your hats!

7. Music and drill sheets are required for all rehearsals.  It’s always better to have and not need than to need and not have!

ATTENDANCE POLICY REMINDER: All missed rehearsals will need to be cleared by Mr. Still 48 hours in advanced if possible.  AGAIN, unlike other sports, there is NO BENCH in marching band!  Everyone contributes and if people are missing, it negatively effects the group.  This is true no matter what the reason… obviously life happens and if that’s the case, come talk with Mr. Still.  But please try to work it out first!  Mr. Still and Mr. Stokes reserve the right to not allow someone to march a performance due to excessive absences or a demonstrated lack of knowing the show.  We can not teach someone who is not there!

Keep checking your emails and the website for updates.  Text “nlbok19” to 81010 to receive Remind text messages.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yay Band!

Mr. Still

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