2019-2020 Booster Board nominations and committee questionnaire

Dear Band Parents,

This email contains two forms regarding Booster Board elections and parent involvement interest for the 2019-2020 school year.  Board elections will occur at the April Band Parent meeting on Tuesday, April 8, 2019 at 6pm in the seminar room (Gym side of school).  We have several openings on the board for next school year.  Please note that you may nominate any parent to the Board or self nominate.  The forms also include check boxes to indicate your interest in serving the band program through our various committees.  We use this information to nominate committee chairs (in August) and to plan for various events throughout the year.  It takes an entire village to really keep this “train” a-goin’!  I ask all of our returning parents to jump in next year and help out.  Even if serving as a chairperson or Board member is not for you, everything big and small goes a LONG way to helping the kids!  It means so much to them to see an army of parents and supports cheering them on in the stands and at concerts!  Both forms are the same… the “purple” Google Form is preferred so we have real time data.  However, if you prefer to submit your nominations on real paper, the “blue” Google Sheet version can be downloaded and submitted via the Blue Box by my office.  All Booster Information is available on the website as well!  Please have all forms submitted either electronically or paper by March 20.  We plan to release names for voting by March 31. 
Board Openings
Terry Emehel has served faithfully as Booster President for two years.  Per our bylaws, Terry will step aside next year unless there is no interest from other parents to serve as Booster President.  THANK YOU Terry for your service to our band!  Terry will continue to serve our band as Past-President in an advisement role.
Two treasurer positions will open next year due to graduating parents (WHOO!).  THANK YOU Julie Baumgardner and Beth Lippard for your service!
We are anticipating one Vice-President position opening for next year.  Amy Fesmire has served in that capacity for two years and per our bylaws, will rotate to another board position. THANK YOU Amy!
Mary Kay Sanetick has served as our Middle School Liaison and will not have a middle school band student year, so she will rotate off the board.  THANK YOU Mary Kay!
Returning to the Board will be David Wagner, Amy Fesmire, Terry Emehel, Vicki Messler and Elizabeth Leatherman.  THANK YOU!
Questions?  Please contact myself or Terry Emehel, Booster President (terryemehel@gmail.com).  We are an open book/open question organization and will be happy to sit down and answer any questions you may have.
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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