Important Upcoming Events

Band family,

Below are some reminders of upcoming performances/events as well spring fundraisers. These spring fundraisers are VERY important as they help us generate the necessary start-up funds for next year and finish paying staff.  PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN ITS ENTIRETY!

March 19 LCS Festival Concert – WE/SB @ North LIncoln 6:00pm

April 4 OR 5 Wind Ensemble MPA @ Moorseville HS TBA

April 6North Lincoln Bands Carowinds Trip (optional)

April 9 Band Parent Meeting 6:00pm

April 18   Band-O-Rama – WE/SB 6:00pm

May 6-10 Spring Training & Student Leadership Camp 3:30pm – 5:30pm

May 9 Band Parent Meeting 6:00pm

May 11Solo & Ensemble MPA @ Lincolnton MS

May 23 Spring Concert – WE/SB 7:00pm

May 31 End of Year Banquet @ Unity Pres. Church in Denver 6:00pm

Carowinds Festival of Music Trip – Saturday, April 6

Below is the registration form.  Extra copies are available in the band room.  Please note the cost to attend (includes everything as well as a new shirt!).  This trip is open to all students who in good standing with the band program (accounts must be paid off and students must have participated in at least one semester of concert band).
BANDBingo – Friday, April 5
8th Annual Mattress Sale – Saturday, May 4
Charlotte Motor Speedway Ticketing (Need lots of parents and students 16 or older) – 3 dates below.  Signup Geniuses and student sign up sheets will be available in April.  
May 18 (8-10 workers)
May 25 (8-10 workers)
May 26 (15-20 workers)
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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