Home football game/WCU Competition logistics

Band family,

This email contains information regarding our home football game this Friday vs. Newton-Conover and our overnight WCU competition.  Please read through the WCU letter for important information regarding the hotel stay, policies and WCU specific details.
Home Football Game (vs. NCHS)
Call time will be 6:00pm. Students will wear full uniforms and will need to move props/equipment to the stadium upon arrival.  I am working with Mr. Sherrill to see if the band will leave the game after our halftme performance so we can load the trucks and let students get sleep.  This will be a big game so please be patient with me as I work with the administration.  Our presence is felt at the games!  My priority is student safety!
WCU Tournament of Champions
YES CALL TIME IS 5:30am!!! YES IT’S EARLY… WE WILL SURVIVE!  In all seriousness, please make sure you are here at call time.  WCU runs a very tight schedule and we must be leaving the school no later than 6am.  Please double and triple check your luggage and bags the night before… my suggestion is to start packing NOW!  Please read through the letter carefully so you understand what needs to happen.  I will do my best to communicate information as I receive it.  If we all work together and follow our protocols, we will have a wonderful weekend!

Congrats to all who were apart of our wonderful concert last night!  Some beautiful music making!  I love the fact that our band program is so diverse… we go from runner up GRAND CHAMPION at East Lincoln to fall concert on Monday to pep rally and Football game on Friday and back to competition on Saturday.  It’s all good!
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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