Woodwind Workshop/Student Leadership meeting

Dear band family,

Mr. Stokes would like to host a “Woodwind Workshop” at the high school on Tuesday, July 17 from 5-7pm.  He will work on some technique things specific to woodwind instruments and go over some of the warmup music [link was emailed out earlier this week].  This workshop is optional ONLY if you are out of town or have a previously planned event.  Please make every effort to be in attendance as being involved ONLY increases our chance for success throughout the season!  It starts NOW!
As a reminder to section leaders, captains, and drill sergeants, Mr. Stokes and I will be having a training session on how to run sectionals and teach our marching technique also on Tuesday, July 17 from 3-5pm.  Again, you are expected to attend UNLESS you are out of town. Try your best to make this leadership meeting happen.  It starts with YOU!
More emails will be coming soon regarding band camp logistics/needs and other important information.
Please let me know if you have any questions!  It’s going to a memorable season!!!
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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