Help needed!

Band family,

I need your help with several important events coming up!
1. Speedway Gates & Ticketing:
  • Need 2 parent chaperones for Saturday, May 19 from 1pm-7pm. Marty Hovis will drive.
  • Need 1 parent chaperone for Saturday, May 26 from 10am-2:30pm. Wes and Trish Nofsinger are driving the bus and chaperoning.
  • Need 1 bus driver for Sunday, May 27 from 12pm-7pm. David Wagner and Karen Davis are chaperoning.
  • Need more students to sign up for each event. Must be 16 years or older.  I would be awesome if a person from each family would sign up to work an event.  This is a VERY FUN and EASY fundraiser for the band!
2. Mattress Sale Saturday – THIS WEEKEND!
  • Need students to sign up for helping out that day.  Just need to be around and greet people!  Sign up sheets are on the board in the bandroom!
3. I am planning a work day for the band program a Saturday in June after school lets out.  We’ll clean instruments, work around the storage trailer, and do some light up keep.  I’ll keep you informed of a date once I nail it down as well as tool needs.  If you are available and can come help out, come on out! Stay tuned for more updates!
Yay Band!
Mr. Still

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